if my blog ever convinced you to watch a tv series

  1. you’re welcome
  2. sorry

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  • me: hi
  • family: oMG she's out of her cave!!!! it's a miracle!!!!! lololololol
  • me: bye



lilly has filled my head with fuck

I think that about sums it up

I am having a bit of anxiety issues lately, I don’t know if it is the drama happening around me coupled with hanging out with people I have not seen in two years and me being like OH GOD I’LL SEE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN AND THEY WILL JUDGE FOR BEING A DUMB AND REALLY WEIRD PERSON. Plus with my mood having a down turn that is like taking a cinderblock and throwing it off the empire state building I am a mess. I had a dream that was so physical about two hours ago and this dream had me disjointed and hurting. I’m just a mess and I hate coming to tumblr to talk about this and I hate that my anxiety is completely stupid. Getting infront of strangers making myself look like a fool absolutely no fucking problem, coming to a party that I know people quite well OH GOD I DON’T WANT TO MAKE AN ASS OF MYSELF I BETTER STAND IN A CORNER AND NOT BE IN THE WAY!!! OK I’m done, don’t pay attention to this shitty personal post.


I am Going on A Rampage on Twitter

Guess what it’s about?